Participants at the annual meeting 2018.

Participants at the annual meeting in Umeå in September 2018.

SCAC annual meeting held after a hot summer

Phase 2 of SCAC is now at half time, and 2020 is just around the corner. The project participants gathered for the annual meeting in Umeå 4-5 September, 2018, with the aim to get an overview of what is to be done during the final part of the programme.

The meeting was initiated by SCAC Program Manager John Munthe, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and among other things Maria Ullerstam and Siiri Latvala from The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency reported on news in the national and international air research.

The heat and fires of the summer of 2018 were a hot topic for discussion, and the participants saw several interesting research areas in terms of impact on air quality and health.

At the initiative of Peringe Grennfelt, IVL, the nestor of Swedish air research, the meeting discussed the possibility to summarize the results and effects from several Swedish air research programs in the recent decades, among those are the programmes SNAP, ASTA, SCARP, CLEO, and SCAC.

During the annual meeting, representatives of the four work packages reported on the work done so far and what direction they plan for the rest of the program period. In addition, the participants were informed about other interesting research projects in the area.

A more detailed description of SCAC's work so far will be presented on this website shortly.

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